I've found a bug, now what ?

Here's the link to our official bugtracker : OBM Jira

Please take the time to search our database for a similar occurrence. If you find one and think you have valuable complementary information which could help us, simply add a comment to the issue, otherwise add a “me too” comment just to raise the priority and team awareness on the issue.

If unfortunately you've encountered a new kind of bug, feel free to open a new issue and add as much details as you can. Depending on our priority list, we'll either integrate a fix in the next minor release, or postpone the correction for a few more releases (unless you're a registered customer, there's no guarantee of issue resolution).

If you feel like fixing the bug by yourself, you should still open an issue on the bugtracker to log the problem, and tell us about your attempt to fix it : we'll get back to you and provide as much help as we can !

Thanks for your help and contribution !

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