Which smartphones are compatible with OBM ?

How to change the external_url after my first installation ?

Problem OBM UI access URL is obm.example.org . Horde access URL is intranet.example.org . But this URL is not resolved then access to webmail fails.


  1. check the OBM configuration in /etc/obm_conf.ini to get answers for the next step
  2. run dpkg-reconfigure obm-conf
  3. optional: run dpkg-reconfigure obm-funambol
  4. run dpkg-reconfigure obm-certs

How to increase log levels ?

OBM-sync log levels are handled by Log4J. The configuration file on the server is /usr/share/tomcat/lib/log4j.properties. Edit this file to add/decrease log verbosity. Locate the line “log4j.logger.fr=DEBUG, R”. The log4j.logger.* part points to the class (and the ones under it on the package) onto which the log level will apply. You could also change the “DEBUG” level to any value described in here. You can add as many line as this one to set more precise log settings.

One could also log every request and corresponding response sent to the obm-sync server using Java Filters. To activate these, on the obm-sync server, edit /usr/share/tomcat/conf/web.xml and add/uncomment these lines :


You may also want to edit the “url-pattern” part to prevent from logging all requests/responses. Logs are displayed in /var/log/obm-tomcat/obm-java.log using a “Conversation UID” (”[CUID i]” in logs) thats identifies connections.

How to change a system account password ?

All system accounts are stored to database. To recover the list of system users, you can use mysql client.

mysql>select usersystem_login from UserSystem;

To change a password, you must edit the corresponding entry.

mysql>update UserSystem set usersystem_password="chosen_password" where usersystem_login="selected_account";

Then, if you use OBM >= 2.2 and < 2.3, you must recover the global domain_id.

mysql>select domain_id from Domain where domain_name="global.virt";

Now, you need to update your ldap directory using the update.pl script. The command-line is not the same according to your OBM release. If OBM ⇐ 2.1 you must use the domain_id 0:

#/usr/share/obm/www/auto/update.pl --domain O --global

If OBM >= 2.2 and < 2.3, you need to use the domain_id you have recovered in the previous step:

#/usr/share/obm/www/auto/update.pl --domain-id X --global

If OBM >= 2.3 you can use the –domain-global argument :

#/usr/share/obm/www/auto/update.pl --global-domain

At last, you must restart saslauthd to purge passwords cache :

#/etc/init.d/saslauthd restart

Auto-completion problem

You create an event and when you want to add an user, any users appear. It causes by a SQL table which is empty (_userpattern).
To fill it, you must run the update-2.3.7-2.3.8.post.php PHP script like this :

  • php /usr/share/obm/www/scripts/2.3/updates/update-2.3.7-2.3.8.post.php (Debian)
  • php /usr/share/obm/scripts/2.3/updates/update-2.3.7-2.3.8.post.php (RedHat)
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