Blackberry / OBM setup using Neuhaus connector

Synchronization between Blackberry and OBM may differ from one type of Blackberry to another, the behaviour may change a lot. It uses SyncML protocol.

Let's start !

  • You have to download on your blackberry the following Neuhaus connector (the version of the package is essential), or by using USB cable between your PC and your Blackberry :
  • Unzip the file and install the connector on the phone, do not check Autorisations (not like on the screenshot)

  • Launch the application SyncJE, click on the wheel button, Settings

  • Set the License Name and License key given by your distributor and click on Register :

  • Set the connection parameters :
    • Server url :
    • Contacts : obm_book_vcard
    • Calendar : obm_cal_ical
  • Save your settings and start Slow Sync, it may tell you your certificate is not verified, select Continue in the list :

NB : Slow sync doesn’t generate duplicates, but for example if two contacts are even a little bit different, both will be kept.

  • If all is ok, you should see something like that :

Troubleshooting :

  • Below Settings you can select “View log” to investigate.


  • Screenshots should be in English
  • Screenshots should be cut to fit only the screen of the phone
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