OBM 2.4 Changelog

[Changelog between 2.4 and 2.3](#header1)


Public release, March 9 2012.

#### Bug

* [OBMFULL-3108](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3108) - port OBMFULL-2918 to 2.4.0.x
* [OBMFULL-3133](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3133) - T#6286 A sent email can be stored in another user's sent box
* [OBMFULL-3177](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3177) - FIX OBMFULL-3144 : Cannot reconize a PIMDataType from the collection path given
* [OBMFULL-3178](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3178) - Mail cannot be synchronized on a windows phone 7 (Samsung Omnia 7) and exception
* [OBMFULL-3197](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3197) - EhCache timeout must be configurable
* [OBMFULL-3203](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3203) - Bad License on Stato files
* [OBMFULL-3246](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3246) - Unable to login with lemonldap when database is MySQL (for integration
* [OBMFULL-3254](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3254) - Obm-sync try to connect to locator using port 8082 It needs to use port 8084.
* [OBMFULL-3319](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3319) - Port OBMFULL-2542 on
* [OBMFULL-3327](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3327) - Merge OBMFULL-3062 on qa

#### Task

* [OBMFULL-3013](/http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-3013) - Create a documentation to help understanding of opush's log system

## 2.4.0-RC16 and OBM 2.4.0

Public release, Jan 10 2012.

#### Sub-task

* [OBMFULL-2362] - Answers on a smartphone using opush are not received by attendee or is empty
* [OBMFULL-2751] - Put a license header in each source file
* [OBMFULL-2754] - License header into every obm-sync source files
* [OBMFULL-2759] - Check licenses in RPM and Debian packages

#### Bug

* [OBMFULL-2531] - Push mode does not work with Iphone
* [OBMFULL-2541] - Invitations are not received on Nokia E72
* [OBMFULL-2735] - Synchronization error and "Erreur serveur due à " on Linagora prod
* [OBMFULL-2760] - Clean RPM and Debian control files
* [OBMFULL-2789] - really interrupt master-slave DRBD synchronization on icasso upgrade
* [OBMFULL-2831] - Create changelog update script
* [OBMFULL-2877] - Problem during upgrade from 2.3.20 with "aptitude safe-upgrade"
* [OBMFULL-2950] - Fix LemonLDAP support
* [OBMFULL-2957] - The query that calculate whether the yellow "!" should be displayed could return PHP warnings
* [OBMFULL-2964] - Can't delete a contact
* [OBMFULL-2967] - Wrong email received by attendee after modification of an event by user having R/W rights
* [OBMFULL-2992] - Lower down the "last visits" portlet in the left pane
* [OBMFULL-3004] - eventtemplate_show_user_calendar and eventtemplate_show_resource_calendar missing with install postgres from scratch

#### Task

* [OBMFULL-2732] - Update OBM Licence in all source code and packaging
* [OBMFULL-2793] - Implement automatic OBM signature in thunderbird connector
* [OBMFULL-2794] - Add a visual indication in obm-ui (agenda) header to identify a genuine OBM
* [OBMFULL-2795] - Verify autoconf compatiblity with windows 7

## OBM 2.4-RC15

Public release, Dec 19 2011

#### Sub-task

* [OBMFULL-2772] - Change dependencies in obm-storage to allow package installation on top of postgresql 9.1
* [OBMFULL-2840] - Properties EXDATE are not set to the right hour.

#### Bug

* [OBMFULL-2530] - Errors and exceptions in obm-tomcat logs during the first installation and first launch of obm-tomcat and obm-sync
* [OBMFULL-2764] - password found in obm-sync log files
* [OBMFULL-2835] - Wrong notification is sent when a recurrent event is modified.
* [OBMFULL-2923] - A new event created when user email different from login@domain blocks TBird synchronization

## OBM 2.4-RC14

Public release, Dec 12 2011

#### Bug

* [OBMFULL-1887] - Synchronization of read/unread status of mail messages
* [OBMFULL-2718] - changing a recurrence frequency not propagated to server
* [OBMFULL-2734] - Exception creating ServerItemNotFoundException an event deletion
* [OBMFULL-2752] - Installation failure with a Debian with locale=en_US
* [OBMFULL-2791] - An upgrade propose to replace postgres by Mysql
* [OBMFULL-2792] - Invalid virtualhost created when obm-tomcat is not used
* [OBMFULL-2811] - An upgrade 2.3->2.4 Postgres fails if package postgres is not installed
* [OBMFULL-2814] - Exception in reccurent event can lose organizer and then cannot be modified
* [OBMFULL-2827] - calendar event won't be displayed when the creator is deleted from the database
* [OBMFULL-2841] - java.lang.NullPointerException: org.obm.locator.store.LocatorCache$1@62377f13 returned null for key org.obm.locator.store.Loca
* [OBMFULL-2847] - An exception created on a smartphone fails
* [OBMFULL-2850] - "Add" button not visible on emails having their own window
* [OBMFULL-2851] - nullPointerException at org.obm.push.mail.MailMessageLoader.convertAdressToMSAdress(MailMessageLoader.java:245)
* [OBMFULL-2852] - Invitations are sent with a wrong sender when an event isn't modified by the owner

## OBM 2.4-RC13

Public release, Nov 25 2011

### Bug

* [OBMFULL-2512] - Coherent treatment of exceptions between OBM-UI and the connector
* [OBMFULL-2524] - Synchronization issue due to timestamp problem
* [OBMFULL-2525] - Events modified and accepted on Iphone are doubled in the calendar
* [OBMFULL-2646] - Layout of the calendar broken in OBM/UI after an update 2.3->2.4
* [OBMFULL-2650] - An all day event is created with wrong informations
* [OBMFULL-2775] - Tbird synchronization blocked with a refused external event
* [OBMFULL-2777] - new event adds the owner of another calendar in the attendees
* [OBMFULL-2781] - addressbook owner sometimes can't write on its own addressbook
* [OBMFULL-2785] - When accepting/deleting an external event, don't always send participation email
* [OBMFULL-2806] - Missing ";" at the end of a request in pgsql 2.3->2.4 update script
* [OBMFULL-2807] - A new event accepted with OBM/UI appears 3 times on an iPhone iOS5
* [OBMFULL-2813] - incorrect export of ICS calendar: event exceptions
* [OBMFULL-2816] - Duplicate entries with O-push
* [OBMFULL-2825] - Windows mobile create a new event with other attendees when accepting a modified event

### Task

* [OBMFULL-2161] - Documentation of OBM Roundcube plug-ins and skins installation

## OBM 2.4-RC11

Private realease, Nov 10 2011

### Sub-task

* [OBMFULL-2711] - ICS extensions: make the obm-ui event observer real event observer
* [OBMFULL-2712] - ICS extensions: create a stompClient class|wrapper in obm-ui
* [OBMFULL-2713] - ICS extensions: implement an observer sending ICS files to a Stomp server

### Bug

* [OBMFULL-2447] - can't write on my own calendar when my rights are set to admin
* [OBMFULL-2464] - Problem with the migration of database 2.3 -> 2.4 (MySQL)
* [OBMFULL-2483] - Imap Exception when modifying an event on iphone
* [OBMFULL-2539] - Opush mysql error
* [OBMFULL-2551] - Problems with a brand new install of obm using mysql
* [OBMFULL-2559] - No email for replanification of an event and attendee autoaccepted
* [OBMFULL-2564] - [PGSQL & MYSQL] Missing "/" at the end of ProxyPass in obm.conf after an update from 2.3 -> 2.4
* [OBMFULL-2589] - An event is silently not created if the attached document has a size superior to 10Mo
* [OBMFULL-2593] - obm-locator error when managing more than 10 hosts (T5810)
* [OBMFULL-2621] - Meetings added with a Galaxy S appears with no organizer
* [OBMFULL-2649] - Contacts multiplied on a Samsung Galaxy
* [OBMFULL-2656] - autoconfiguration extension display overlaps bottom of its window
* [OBMFULL-2663] - tasks should be displayed without having to search for them
* [OBMFULL-2668] - autoconf ui layout too small for large URLs
* [OBMFULL-2669] - unregistering not removing contacts on thunderbird
* [OBMFULL-2682] - lightning: alerts on readonly calendars are problematic : can't be removed and push on "desactivate" leads to an error popup
* [OBMFULL-2683] - When synchronizing, obm-sync eats the alarms on non-recurring events
* [OBMFULL-2685] - Meeting on a calendar without rights can be added in month view
* [OBMFULL-2686] - Error when creating an event and description field contains a single quote
* [OBMFULL-2689] - Exception on event creation
* [OBMFULL-2703] - ClassCastException
* [OBMFULL-2706] - A message for the cancellation of an event contains a bad ICS
* [OBMFULL-2709] - NullPointerException on CalendarItemsWriter
* [OBMFULL-2710] - ICS on event cancel is badly formatted
* [OBMFULL-2716] - No email for modification of an event done on a smartphone
* [OBMFULL-2717] - A modified event doesn't modify status of already accepted attendees
* [OBMFULL-2720] - An android smartphone cannot synchronize calendar
* [OBMFULL-2726] - Impossible to modify a recurrent event containing at least one exception date.
* [OBMFULL-2727] - A modified event on a smartphone doesn't modify status of already accepted attendees
* [OBMFULL-2728] - Event created from an iPhone with iOS 5 trigger an exception
* [OBMFULL-2730] - Make RPM packages for OBM 2.4
* [OBMFULL-2745] - Automatically generated Groups emails can contain spaces
* [OBMFULL-2747] - Time range calculation in tests is dependant on time zone
* [OBMFULL-2750] - Missing perl module in the automaton
* [OBMFULL-2756] - Remove deployer
* [OBMFULL-2758] - Move created RPMs in a single directory

### Task

* [OBMFULL-2705] - Move artifactory to new http://ci-obm.linagora.com/artifactory server

## OBM 2.4-RC9

Public release, Oct 13 2011

Note : please read this page before upgrading from an older release as our repositories have changed : [ OBM packages]({{ site.url }}/{{ page.lang }}/http://obm.org/doku.php?id=docs:install:debian .html)

### Bug

* [OBMFULL-2463] - Events' owner and attendees are not indexed and consequently are not searchable
* [OBMFULL-2524] - Synchronization issue due to timestamp problem
* [OBMFULL-2593] - obm-locator error when managing more than 10 hosts (T5810)
* [OBMFULL-2598] - The organizer changes when a conflict is detected
* [OBMFULL-2622] - Reinitialize account parameters
* [OBMFULL-2629] - Accepted events displayed in UTC if created with OBM/UI
* [OBMFULL-2633] - Accepted events displayed in UTC if created with TBird
* [OBMFULL-2637] - Error popup when processing a purge
* [OBMFULL-2651] - [Autoconfiguration] Initial error message causing confusion
* [OBMFULL-2652] - Commit of mailbox sharing should be done immediately without validation of an administrator
* [OBMFULL-2653] - with autoconf, thunderbird should open emails in a new tab
* [OBMFULL-2657] - PDF printing with a line that overflows
* [OBMFULL-2658] - All day meeting on a calendar without rights cannot be created in the week view
* [OBMFULL-2659] - Autoconf module should enable Lightning autocomplete
* [OBMFULL-2671] - Cannot properly use the public group popup
* [OBMFULL-2673] - After a purge, newly subscribed agenda desapears from lightning
* [OBMFULL-2674] - A purge on an agenda uncheks the agenda visibility checkbox
* [OBMFULL-2328] - wrong adress book modification when accepted email with vcard

## OBM 2.4-RC7

Private release, Oct 7 2011

### Sub-task

* [OBMFULL-2032] - Events not added on PDA if accepted with TBird
* [OBMFULL-2402] - synchronisation hardening : calendar
* [OBMFULL-2403] - synchronisation hardening: addressbook

### Bug

* [OBMFULL-649] - It should be impossible to reserve a resource on free events
* [OBMFULL-1997] - remove hour from event confirmation email response
* [OBMFULL-2287] - Synchronization fails and exception when deleting a contact on a Smartphone
* [OBMFULL-2298] - Wrong email received if an event is created in UI for someone you have R/W access on his calendar
* [OBMFULL-2319] - PSQL Error when inserting EventException
* [OBMFULL-2366] - Wrong email received if an event created in UI is accepted in UI
* [OBMFULL-2387] - Search users popup issue on multipage results (T5439)
* [OBMFULL-2388] - ICS Import bugs on customer (T5412)
* [OBMFULL-2433] - T5556 A calendar printed is incorrect
* [OBMFULL-2441] - Updating an event from TB3 to become recurrent doesn't work
* [OBMFULL-2450] - Email of event notification received by an external user with outlook is not interpreted
* [OBMFULL-2464] - Problem with the migration of database 2.3 -> 2.4 (MySQL and Postgres)
* [OBMFULL-2508] - Attendees are not added after a move of an all day event
* [OBMFULL-2517] - Wrong email received after modification of an event if the attendee have R/W rights to my calendar
* [OBMFULL-2529] - When adding attendee(s) to an event, the status of already accepted attendees should not be reinitialised and not receive email and new attendees should receive email of invitation
* [OBMFULL-2532] - Selected calendar with popup of new event is modified in advanced form
* [OBMFULL-2533] - Add attendees with "Add displayed users"
* [OBMFULL-2538] - Choice public groups also display private groups
* [OBMFULL-2545] - Removal of the organizer now creates an event without organizer
* [OBMFULL-2553] - Invalid database login check when OBM used with an external LDAP
* [OBMFULL-2554] - Advanced event search doesn't work if only the time interval is set.
* [OBMFULL-2569] - Threads becomes unusable as they are kept associated to rolled-back transaction
* [OBMFULL-2576] - NullPointerException decoding Tasks
* [OBMFULL-2597] - agenda export pdf

### Improvement

* [OBMFULL-2481] - M#3051: Event attachments cannot be seen within lightning

## OBM 2.4-RC6

Non public release, Sept 1 2011

### Sub-task

* [OBMFULL-2313] - creating an event for another owner adds creator as an attendee declining the invitation
* [OBMFULL-2430] - Document logback usage in technical logging context
* [OBMFULL-2432] - As an obm ui user, when I delete a recurring event, I want all its nested exceptions [events] to be deleted as well.

### Bug

* [OBMFULL-479] - obm password corrupted
* [OBMFULL-860] - Contacts imported with the import module don't appear in OBM (but are present in database)
* [OBMFULL-1639] - purging an agenda with the connector should set the user's participation status to 'declined' for all meetings
* [OBMFULL-1853] - An error occured when writing to the calendar [OBM] B
* [OBMFULL-1929] - The same event appears twice in lightning when you change one of the occurences of a repeted event
* [OBMFULL-2106] - Events created with TBird2 are not synchronized
* [OBMFULL-2132] - Impossible to open 2 TB profiles on linux
* [OBMFULL-2153] - Status of attendees are not updated in TBird
* [OBMFULL-2322] - blue bar on vcard email reception isn't displayed on TB3
* [OBMFULL-2323] - TB3 and lightning with two external calendars only one is displayed
* [OBMFULL-2341] - A problem concerning repllog.exe appears on PDA after a synchronization of ActiveSync
* [OBMFULL-2379] - An external event accepted with TBird leads to errors and event not created in obm database
* [OBMFULL-2382] - "Server Error" in TBird during a purge
* [OBMFULL-2385] - as an OBM connector user, I want permissions on OBM shared calendars to be updated consistently
* [OBMFULL-2389] - self-signed certificates aren't imported during auto-configuration
* [OBMFULL-2392] - notifications configuration display should match real configured preferences
* [OBMFULL-2401] - lightning doesn't handle rights modifications on calendars
* [OBMFULL-2406] - Freebusy multidomain
* [OBMFULL-2408] - Impossible to edit external attendee of an event with obm-ui
* [OBMFULL-2411] - TypeError: calendar is undefined when synchronizing a deleted event with TBird
* [OBMFULL-2414] - accuentuated chars in titles in lightning events are replaced to html entities in obm-ui
* [OBMFULL-2415] - Fix typos in obm-sync email notices
* [OBMFULL-2418] - fix outlook/tbird/opush event reschedule bug (#M2996)
* [OBMFULL-2420] - Being notified of an agenda update
* [OBMFULL-2421] - Implement specific readonly opush
* [OBMFULL-2424] - Being able to deliver opush to customers
* [OBMFULL-2431] - Title of events with accents not well synchronized on smartphones
* [OBMFULL-2434] - As an obm calendar user, I want reccuring exceptions handling to be consistent between all calendar components
* [OBMFULL-2439] - Email notification window appears when consulting an event I attend without modifications (event created with an external outlook account)
* [OBMFULL-2449] - External outlook user creating an event is in "Needs action" status in OBM/UI
* [OBMFULL-2465] - An event created by someone that have R/W access modified in TBird by owner is desynchronized
* [OBMFULL-2467] - Status of participation of an event moved should be changed to "Waiting answer"
* [OBMFULL-2468] - A refused event replanified is not reproposed to attendees
* [OBMFULL-2470] - "Server error due to: Event" for an event modified in Tbird (if created by assistant in OBM/UI)
* [OBMFULL-2471] - PGSQL error when assistant deletes an event for boss
* [OBMFULL-2474] - body of email sent when a user update its participation state is not valid
* [OBMFULL-2475] - SQL error when exporting and deleting events in OBM/UI
* [OBMFULL-2484] - 2 emails when modifying an event
* [OBMFULL-2485] - "Detected cal change for obm:\\winmo@obm.lng.org..." never ends
* [OBMFULL-2488] - DB access lost, OBM dead
* [OBMFULL-2490] - A modified accepted event is not renotified to attendee in lightning
* [OBMFULL-2492] - Declining a modified event with a smartphone is not interpreted and organizer receives an email of acceptation
* [OBMFULL-2496] - Declining an event with a smartphone is not processed
* [OBMFULL-2498] - Error when accepting an event created by an external Outlook user
* [OBMFULL-2499] - Some emails of notification are sometimes not received
* [OBMFULL-2502] - Push mode does not work
* [OBMFULL-2503] - An attendee receives an email of notification for an external event
* [OBMFULL-2504] - Problems with invitation on iphone
* [OBMFULL-2515] - Problem of synchronization of emails
* [OBMFULL-2526] - Folders are recreated empty during each synchronizations (HTC Desire 2.3.3)

## OBM 2.3 to 2.4 {#header1}

### Most notable changes in OBM 2.4

#### Agenda

* Brand new UI (date interval selection, drag and drop, most important links and actions on top, agenda portlet, etc.)
* Overall display performance improvement
* support for external agenda (iCalendar (ICS) format)
* display agenda for external users (HTML view or ICS) with 3 security levels : free/busy / public / private view
* enhanced/rewritten support for ICS import/export

#### Contacts / utilisateurs / groupes

* Extended Templates (more properties supported)
* vCard support (import, export)

#### OBM Webmail

* new webmail : roundcube ("minig" not community-supported anymore)
* obm/roundcube plug-in (contacts sync), skin and Single Sign-on support (with LemonLDAP)

#### Desktop User agents support

* Thunderbird : better external attendees support, recurrent meetings as in Obm-ui, ICS workflow
* Outlook : also supported, but not (yet) open source

#### Smartphones support

* updated set of supported phones in obm.org
* Better behaviour of opush on smartphone centric operation (schedule, invite, reschedule from smartphone)

### Database changes

Tables with altered columns (larger) :

* Resource (resource_delegation)
* Deleted (deleted_delegation)
* Host (host_delegation)
* P_Host (host_delegation)
* MailShare (mailshare_delegation)
* P_MailShare (mailshare_delegation)
* UGroup (group_delegation)
* P_UGroup (group_delegation)
* Updated (updated_delegation)
* Updatedlinks (updatedlinks_delegation)

#### New Tables or altered Structure

* calendarcolor
* UserObm (new col userobm_commonname, + length of userobm_delegation, userobm_delegation_target, userobm_login` varchar)
* P_UserObm (new col userobm_commonname + length of userobm_delegation, userobm_delegation_target, userobm_login)
* Contact (new col contact_commonname)
* SyncedAddressbook (new constraints)
* userpattern
* userpattern_property
* token
* contactgroup
* _contactgroup
* P__contactgroup
* P_CategoryLink
* field
* P_field
* RGroup (new col rgroup_delegation varchar)
* DeletedEvent (new col deletedevent_event_ext_id)
* Category (new constraints)
* EventTemplate (new columns eventtemplate_force_insertion, eventtemplate_opacity, eventtemplate_show_user_calendar, eventtemplate_show_resource_calendar)New Balance Popular Collection