OBM Thunderbird Connector

OBM Mozilla Calendar is a free connector for synchronization of Mozilla Thunderbird extended by Mozilla Lightning, with OBM.


The connector synchronize PIM data with OBM server :

  • users : in read-only mode,

  • contacts : only private,

  • calendars.


OBM Mozilla Calendar works with Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.* and a custom version of Mozilla Lightning 1.0beta (which can be downloaded from obm.org)

OBM Connector and lightning download

You can download them from here in Mozilla-addons section.

This connector is under the OBM Connector License

Versioning and OBM compatibility

The connector is versioned as 2.x.y

The connector is compatible with :

  • OBM 2.4.x (default)

  • OBM 2.3.17+ (default)

There's also an older (unsupported) version of the connector which is said to be compatible with previous OBM versions

  • OBM 2.3.x<17 (default)

  • OBM 2.2.x (default)

  • OBM 2.1.x (need to set default pref extensions.obm.rest to false)


You need to fill some settings to use the connector in preference window (Tools/Options/OBM tab/Server button) :

Settings Comment Sample
Sync server location obm-sync server url https://myserver/obm-sync/services
OBM server location obm-ui server url used by "Calendar" button to open OBM in default browser https://myserver
User user login john.do@domain.org
Password user password *******


OBM Connector set some preferences :

Pref name Type Values Comment
extensions.obm.addressbooks string "users,contacts" or "users" or "contacts" addressbooks to sync
extensions.obm.addressbooks.users string "OBM - Utilisateurs" name of users addressbook
extensions.obm.addressbooks.contacts string "OBM - Contacts" name of contacts addressbook
extensions.obm.calEvents.is_sync_enabled boolean true or false enable/disable calendar sync
extensions.obm.calTasks.is_sync_enabled boolean true or false enable/disable task sync (currently task sync is not supported)
extensions.obm.addressbooks.is_sync_enabled boolean true or false enable/disable contacts sync
extensions.obm.singleCalendar boolean true or false allow user to sync other calendars
extensions.obm.sso boolean true or false use sso to open web calendar
extensions.obm.rest boolean true or false false: sync with OBM 2.1.x sync server, true: sync with OBM 2.2.x sync server
extensions.obm.log.level integer 0, 1, 2, 3 or -1 log level of extension (logs are saved in tmp/obm-connector-log.txt) : DEBUG_LEVEL=0, NOTICE_LEVEL=1, WARNING_LEVEL=2, ERROR_LEVEL=3, ALL_LEVELS=-1
extensions.obm.log.file string "obm-connector-log.txt" Name of log file


To enable or modify the log level of the connector, please set the preference value extensions.obm.log.level to one of the value described above then restart Thunderbird. By default the OBM Connector now logs in the following files :

  • Linux : "/tmp/obm-connector-log.txt"

  • Windows : "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\%YOUR-DEFAULT-PROFILE%"

  • Mac : "/Users/%Username%/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/obm-connector-log.txt "

One can also change the file name through the Thunderbird preference "extensions.obm.log.file".

If you suspect an issue with the Connector, this is the file you should inspect or even send us for feedback. In that later case please try to remove parts before and after the issue as logs can be verbose.


Check out the development branch :

git clone http://git.obm.org/lightning-connector obm-mozilla-calendar-trunk


The extension use the Mozilla build system. Follow build documentation here.