## About ReCaptcha

Welcome on reCAPTCHA configuration page.
This page explains how to activate this new feature to protect from bruteforce login.

Recaptcha is a great captcha library as described by Google :
re[CAPTCHA]( is a free service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows.
[more about recaptcha](

## ReCaptcha for OBM

OBM automatically adds reCAPTCHA library.

2 steps are necessary to activate and allow reCAPCHA on login page:

1. Create your own public and private keys on reCAPTCHA website
2. Activate reCAPTCHA in configuration file

** Your server needs a connection to the web to use reCAPTCHA**

## Public And Private Key

You only need a public and a private key.

go to [reCAPTCHA Admin page](

1. enter your website address.
2. save the Public and the Private which has been generated.


## Activation - Configuration reCAPTCHA

The file to modified:


End of file:

// Captcha Activation
$conf_recaptcha = false;
$conf_recaptcha_privatekey = "";
$conf_recaptcha_publickey = "";

Activate reCAPTCHA:

$conf_recaptcha = true;

Add Private and Public Key respectively in:

$conf_recaptcha_privatekey = "[YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY]";
$conf_recaptcha_publickey = "[YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY]";

## You want more parameters ?

Go to

// Function to add user rules like white list,
// you can modify - adding test : False = Disable reCAPTCHA

function hook_userRules_recaptcha(){

// White-List IP array where reCAPTCHA is Disabled
$whitelist = array ('***.***.***.***', '***.***.***.***');

 if(in_array($ip, $whitelist)){ 
   return false;
   return true;

This function is for you, you can add tests, like example ip address or something else you can imagine.

## Now it's Over

Just pray for readable words...

Or click on refresh captcha word button !