About ReCaptcha

Welcome on reCAPTCHA configuration page. This page explains how to activate this new feature to protect from bruteforce login.

Recaptcha is a great captcha library as described by Google : reCAPTCHA is a free service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows. more about recaptcha

ReCaptcha for OBM

OBM automatically adds reCAPTCHA library.

2 steps are necessary to activate and allow reCAPCHA on login page:

  1. Create your own public and private keys on reCAPTCHA website
  2. Activate reCAPTCHA in configuration file

** Your server needs a connection to the web to use reCAPTCHA**

Public And Private Key

You only need a public and a private key.

go to reCAPTCHA Admin page

  1. enter your website address.
  2. save the Public and the Private which has been generated.


Activation - Configuration reCAPTCHA

The file to modified:


End of file:

// Captcha Activation
$conf_recaptcha = false;
$conf_recaptcha_privatekey = "";
$conf_recaptcha_publickey = "";

Activate reCAPTCHA:

$conf_recaptcha = true;

Add Private and Public Key respectively in:

$conf_recaptcha_privatekey = "[YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY]";
$conf_recaptcha_publickey = "[YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY]";

You want more parameters ?

Go to

// Function to add user rules like white list,
// you can modify - adding test : False = Disable reCAPTCHA

function hook_userRules_recaptcha(){

// White-List IP array where reCAPTCHA is Disabled
$whitelist = array ('***.***.***.***', '***.***.***.***');

 if(in_array($ip, $whitelist)){ 
   return false;
   return true;

This function is for you, you can add tests, like example ip address or something else you can imagine.

Now it's Over

Just pray for readable words...

Or click on refresh captcha word button !